NYCB Art Series featuring FAILE

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NYCB Art Series will commission contemporary artists to create original works of art inspired by the Company, its history, and repertory. The inaugural collaboration features Brooklyn-based artists FAILE, and each attendee to the 2/1 and 5/29 Art Series performances will receive a limited-edition work made specifically for this event. To make it more enticing tickets are only $29!

More info on NYCB Art Series featuring FAILE


DUMBO Arts Festival 2012

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Photo by R Lanham

Hindsight is Always 20/20
R. Luke DuBois
This installation examines the history of the presidential State of the Union address through the metaphor of vision. Using the Snellen-style eye chart the installation highlights the sixty-six most frequently used words from each presidential administration, starting with the most often used word on the top line.

Photo by Grizzly Grizzly

Skye Gilkerson was my favorite artist of the day. She is a participant of the Smack Mellon Artist Studio program. She showed a few pieces where she cut out punctuation marks and reassembled them to create a new meanings. I didn’t get any photos of this work but you can see a photo from GrizzlyGrizzly below and more of this series here.

ferry ride home


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Hope by kateshanley
Hope, a photo by kateshanley on Flickr.

Detail of tapestry
by Edite Pauls-Vignere

1994 – Gift to United Nations from Latvia

Robert Voit and Enoc Perez

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Thanks gelatobaby for your coverage of the ARCOmadrid art fair. I love Robert Voit’s photos of “hidden” cell phone towers and Enoc Perez’s architectural subjects representing an idealized public life.


Hearst Tower, Enoc Perez

Dia: Beacon

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“What interests me is the opportunity for all of us to become something different from what we are, by constructing spaces that contribute something to the experience of who we are.” – Richard Serra

-photo by rob zand

We went to Dia Becaon this weekend to celebrate Rob’s birthday. The museum is located in a former printing plant built in 1929 by Nabisco. With 240,000 square feet of exhibition space, the museum is particularly suited to the needs of large-scale installations, paintings, and sculptures. I was most impressed with the Richard Serra installation. As I spiraled in to the core of one of his steel spheres I felt claustrophobic and anxious and I loved every step. It is literally, quite breathtaking.

more of rob’s posterous pictures.

Tara Donovan

January 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

Last week I had the good fortune of seeing the Tara Donovan exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Her choice of materials and scale created a perfect rhythm for my afternoon. “Haze” was captivating and shouldn’t be missed. Get over there quick and see the show.

Organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, this is the first major museum survey of Tara Donovan’s work. The artist’s sculptural installations are based on the physical properties and capabilities of a single accumulated material. Donovan uses prosaic items including electrical cable, adding machine paper, straight pins, paper plates, and toothpicks. These materials are arranged in a manner that sometimes mimics the organization of geological or biological forms.

Through this subtle and remarkably affecting presentation, drinking straws may suggest clouds and plastic cups may call to mind a brittle winter landscape. Part of the intrigue of Donovan’s practice lies in the way she is able to present a mass of unaltered, simple objects that do not disguise what they are while simultaneously suggesting a range of richly poetic associations.

Michelangelo’s first known painting

September 6, 2009 § 1 Comment


Luckily caught a glimpse of the first known painting by Michelangelo Buonarroti, The Torment of Saint Anthony, ca. 1487–88. FINAL viewing is at the MET tomorrow- Labor Day.

Podcast: Curator Keith Christiansen and conservator Michael Gallagher discuss The Torment of Saint Anthony

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