The Art of Scent at MAD

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The Art of Scent at MAD
Olfactory art in an interactive salon!

I was at the Museum of Art and Design last night for an AIGA event which luckily was running late. So I had the opportunity to cruise up the stairs checking out, floor by floor, the exhibits. I was so charmed by the Art of Scent on the third floor. The interactive installation designed by Diller, Scofidio + Renfro was the major reason I loved this exhibit.

I walked into the room to see 12 rather beautiful depressions in the walls. At first they looked like organic space pods and then they looked like men’s room urinals. I chose to see them as pods. As I approached the wall a projection appeared displaying the title and explanation of the work. Looking around, I see other curious vistors placing their heads into the pods. Okay, what? I put my head in the rounded space, which triggered a slight mist of perfume. Yep, it was Drakkar Noir and then I immediately thought about an old college boyfriend, French Denis, who so sweetly picked me up at Charles de Gaulle and never said a word about my newly dyed “fire engine red” and newly permed hair and my little sister who “helped” me with the dye/perm job on comet view court in san diego and how I cried and dreaded going to Paris the next morning to see French Denis and meet his French family who smoked and seemed to only eat desserts. All that from one mist.

So go see this show. Museum is open to 9:00PM on Thursdays and Fridays. I suppose there might be less people milling about in the evening.


NYCB Art Series featuring FAILE

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NYCB Art Series will commission contemporary artists to create original works of art inspired by the Company, its history, and repertory. The inaugural collaboration features Brooklyn-based artists FAILE, and each attendee to the 2/1 and 5/29 Art Series performances will receive a limited-edition work made specifically for this event. To make it more enticing tickets are only $29!

More info on NYCB Art Series featuring FAILE


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DUMBO Arts Festival 2012

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Photo by R Lanham

Hindsight is Always 20/20
R. Luke DuBois
This installation examines the history of the presidential State of the Union address through the metaphor of vision. Using the Snellen-style eye chart the installation highlights the sixty-six most frequently used words from each presidential administration, starting with the most often used word on the top line.

Photo by Grizzly Grizzly

Skye Gilkerson was my favorite artist of the day. She is a participant of the Smack Mellon Artist Studio program. She showed a few pieces where she cut out punctuation marks and reassembled them to create a new meanings. I didn’t get any photos of this work but you can see a photo from GrizzlyGrizzly below and more of this series here.

ferry ride home

Tatzu Nishi: Discovering Columbus

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It was great to see this statue from a totally different perspective. Up close and personal with the 13 foot Columbus did not disappoint. One highlight was when an older woman knelled and peeked under the garment to find nothing but a crease in his trousers. The guard quickly responded to her disappointment – “well it’s 120 years old- probably fell off”.

Tatzu Nishi Discovering Columbus pic

Tatzu Nishi Discovering Columbus pic

Tatzu Nishi Discovering Columbus pic

Tatzu Nishi Discovering Columbus pic

Rafael Barrios on Park Ave

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Rafael Barrios

Nine pieces by Venezuelan artist, Rafael Barrios, are currently featured on Park Avenue between 50th to 68th Streets. The exhibition will run through June 2012.

The Sculpture Committee of The Fund for Park Avenue

Public Art Program of the City of New York’s Department of Parks & Recreation


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Hope by kateshanley
Hope, a photo by kateshanley on Flickr.

Detail of tapestry
by Edite Pauls-Vignere

1994 – Gift to United Nations from Latvia

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