Jorge Colombo’s Brushes

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Yes, I’m hooked on Jen Bekman’s 20×200 and I’ve ordered another print.

by Jorge Colombo
The iSketches are drawn on location using an iPhone application called Brushes. No photo references, no tablets, no brushes to wash: just my finger on the tiny touch-screen. Don’t even need a proper light: the drawing itself glows in a dark corner. At $4.99, Brushes is a very democratic tool (provided you have an iPhone, sure) and I suspect it’ll be to drawing what email was for letter-writing. Something is lost, something is gained.

I only got an iPhone in February 2009, so all this is still very new. It all started when I realized I could draw while night-riding in a car. Soon I found myself sketching NY spots that are part of my life. I’ve lived in the USA for 20 years and I’m still looking at its urban landscape as if I was discovering it for the first time.


Moon Trailer

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Paul Sahre: A Designer And His Problems

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Thanks AIGA/NY for posting this!
Click here for the AIGA/NY Vimeo presentation- Paul Sahre: A Designer And His Problems

A Designer and His Problems is a once-in-a-lifetime inspirational journey through one designer’s typos, questionable color choices and poor font selection. A Designer and His Problems deals with the feeling that we all have from time to time: that something is wrong but we don’t know quite what. Or maybe we do know, but it’s too late to do anything about it. Heartwarming and refreshingly honest, Paul Sahre identifies problems in all their different forms and urges us to accept them, nurture them, caress them.


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As older methods of correspondence become more obsolete in today’s digital age, TelegramStop brings the best of the old and the new world. Through the company’s website, anyone can send vintage-era telegram to any country in the world for a flat fee of $4.70.

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