NYCUPA: UX Research at Google in NYC: Methods and Case Studies

July 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

I was looking forward to a discussion of research processes by Google’s User Experience team members. The promise was they were sharing recent case studies where designs were influenced by some unique work with metaphors. Sounds good, right?
Wrong! The presenters weren’t able to give details of the case studies – making the use of metaphors seem inappropriate. Without knowing specifics it was hard to follow the metaphors.

If you want to compare seemingly unrelated subjects it is necessary to define the subjects.

Domain metaphors are not Design metaphors.

Google Design principles:
1. Focus on the user and all will follow
2. Every millisecond counts.
3. Simplicity is powerful.
4. Engage beginners and attract experts.
5. Dare to innovate.
6. Design for the world.
7. Plan for today’s and tomorrow’s business.
8. Delight the eye without distracting the mind.
9. Be worthy of people’s trust.
10. Add a human touch.


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