blue jake

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An Internet professional by day, Jake Dobkin’s alter ego on nights and weekends is Blue Jake, a photoblogger whose work chronicles the changing face of New York City.

nice interview on wnyc

bluejake website


geek love

June 19, 2008 § 1 Comment

so while my days are full with the careful consideration of birdcage veils, paper stock for invites and potentially feuding relatives – rob has managed to dodge any wedding plans and is able to focus on more important things. such as… “profile synchronization across machines”!!! i stumbled upon him last night in the throes of a small victory – i really don’t know what this actually means but he seemed pretty damn excited about it. i mean just look at him. cute isn’t it? okay, now it’s probably best to look away.


Glossolalia: Languages of Drawing

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This morning I was making a beeline to the Olafur Eliasson pieces through a crowded MoMA when my efforts and attentions were diverted to two other exhibits- Glossolalia: Languages of Drawing and Projects 87: Sigalit Landau.

Glossolalia: Languages of Drawing

Glossolalia means speaking in tongues and the exhibit reflects how each artist while exploring their own path, created their own visual language. The show includes 100 works by self-taught outsider artists and conventionally trained professionals including – Öyvind Fahlström, Henry Darger, Basquiat , Jim Nutt, Raymond Pettibon, Russell Crotty, Yayoi Kusama, Richard Prince, Patti Smith, and the forever irresistible Tom of Finland. I went through the rooms about 5 times before i started to feel the guards observation – and decided to move on. but what a welcomed surprise- it closes 07 july- so don’t miss it!

Projects 87: Sigalit Landau

In DeadSee (2005), Israeli artist Landau floats in a spiral of 500 green watermelons creating a 19-foot spiral on the salt-saturated waters of the Dead Sea until the coil slowly unravels. In Barbed Salt Lamps (2007), objects made of barbed wire have been submerged in the salt-saturated Dead Sea and dried in the sun, forming a crystallized surface. really beautiful.

let them eat cake

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i started the task of looking for a wedding cake. not really my favorite way to pass the time but i’ve had the fortune to run across some real gems. these cakes either involve garish color combinations, hunting themes, the super mario bros or, sorry to say, star wars characters. i really mean no disrespect but i’ve posted my all time favorite (so far). ummmmm a life size wedding cake of the bride?! really? how does this happen? was it a red velvet cake? how does it feel to have your husband slice into you? no words!

i just got my first engagement/wedding pressie

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I am so excited! I have been coveting two Pamela Thompson dresses for a few weeks. Now I don’t have to covet any longer! Pamela and David gave me an amazing dress as a wedding pressie. The craftsmanship/colors/sizing/ and design are perfect. Thank you.

Pamela Thompson Summer 2008 Vignette Collection

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