rolex arts weekend symposium

November 11, 2007 § 2 Comments

What: Rolex Arts Weekend symposium

Panelists: John Baldessari, William Forsythe, Joseph Melillo, Lynn Redgrave, Anthony Minghella, Anna Deavere Smith and Amitav Ghosh.

One focus of the program was the idea of inspiration. Specifically how artists identify and utilize inspiration. Lynn Redgrave gave the analogy that artists are like magpies, birds that are always collecting shiny objects (tinfoil and diamonds alike)- Artists collect items that become points of inspiration for future projects. I often find myself drawing inspiration from the oddest sources. a glance on the subway or a strange item i have picked up and can’t seem to release.

Water poems:
Minghella discussed a trip to Shanghai where he observed elderly poets writing poems on the pavement. The writings sparked discussions from observers and passersbys. The poems, written in water, quickly evaporated before everyone’s eyes. What an event! He noted the sharp contrast to our culture of archiving. At times it seems that everything we do is archived and recorded- umm blogs? Sometimes it seems to me that people are more interested in documenting moments instead of living the moments. If anyone has been to a show recently – You know what I’m talking about – cell phone cameras and dvrs. What’s gotten into us?

Mentor Protege Relationship:
The program also explored the relationship of mentor and protege. Two mentors that participated in the year long project were John Baldessari and William Forsythe. Both were very open and relaxed artists- what an honor it would be to study with them. =====

Well I’m off to bed – with sweet dreams of magpies.


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